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18 Apr

Tivat got a new luxury hotel “Helada”

Two nights ago Tivat got another new small luxury hotel in the village Kalimanj. Hotel “Helada” is a brand new open hotel, which operates within the company “Helada Mont” from Niksic.

The ribbon on the new hospitality facility category four stars, was cut by the Mayor of Tivat, Ivan Novosel and director of “Helada Mont” Vojo Milovic.

Luxuriously furnished small hotel has 12 double rooms, a restaurant with 70 seats, a terrace with fifty seats, and lot of other facilities.

Novosel has welcomed a new investor and wish successful business in Tivat, adding that by the start of the main summer season, despite this, the city will get also two new small luxury hotel.

Milovic said that his company will try to repaeat the success they have already achieved with their hotel “Trebjesa” Niksic, and that for the upcoming summer season they have ambitious plans and great expectations.