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-Tin Lizzie was the first Rent a Car -

10 Sep

How it started renting a car?

-Tin Lizzie (Ford Model T) was the first Rent a Car –

For the beginner of the rent a car industry is considered Joe Saunders from Nebraska. It was back in 1916. when he started to rent his Ford Model T to local businessmen, as well as those who have for a job to come to town. He even installed a meter and odometer on the front left wheel, and charged 10 cents per mile traveled, to compensate for wear of your precious car – depreciation costs.

Until 1925, its car rental companies operate in 21 countries throughout the US, and was expanded fleet of vehicles Chrysler, worth nearly a million dollars.

Of course, soon appeared and competition. Walter Jacobs began to rent a dozen Ford Model T cars, and in 1923 to become a major competitor with Sonders. In the mid-twenties the company was bought by John Herc, at that time owner of the “Yellow Cab” taxi company in Chicago, and so has become one of the largest car rental companies today.

In Europe, the rental car came to life after the war, when in 1949 in Paris started operating Europcar agency.

In the Balkans, the development of this activity is mainly linked to the opening of the airport. At the beginning these were global car rental companies that have opened their representative offices there, while in recent years more and more domestic companies engaged in renting cars.

If you need rules for renting a car, you can find them at the link below:


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