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23 Aug

Hotel Helada – Architect point of view

Basic information: HOTEL “HELADA”

– Author of the project: Arch. Kosto Vukalović, Executive Director “KOV-STUDIO” Ltd. Niksic

– The investor of the project: “Helada Mont” Ltd. Niksic

– Year of design: 2014/2015.

– Year of realization: 2015/2016.

                                                                  -A SHINING STAR-

The reconstruction of a residential building in the port area “KALIMANJ”, next to the highway, in the zone “C” center of Tivat, interpolation of location characteristic, was rised a hotel “Helada”.

In categorization terminology Hotel Helada if four- star hotel 4 *, but after a visual perception it seems like a shining star among the clouds, as was heard at the opening ceremony. Thinking primarily on a measure: neither a little or big … neither on the coast, neither far from the coast, nor this, nor opposite of that, all in accordance with and fitted to the modern aesthetic recognition and functional needs.

In any case leaves no one indifferent either guest or observer .

Four-floor building which is functionally divided to the services provided of serving and consumption of food and drink, on the ground floor, and the next three floors tastefully furnished accommodation units. The interior and exterior connection is noticeable and clear, with intimated transparency, and at the same time protected intimity.

Stylized masts to the south and north side, covered with teak wood, wrought iron fences terraces, balconies and stairs, carefully chosen glass surfaces, bright flat surface facade, sedimentary stone cladding, all under the roof, pitched and flat, the modeled gold cut ends with the harmony of visually highlighted and hidden form of this buildings mantle.

The interior of the building is accented characters functionality, while carefully selected details in form, materialization and color.

Installations of the building are made on a “smart house” system, with high levels of energy efficiency.

Describe the exterior of the facility might have meant to establish a structures border, first of all but it would be quite ordinary, because the limits of this are variable.

In other words, there is no border between the object and beautiful surroundings, regardless of whether it was the vegetation that protects against noise and separates the main road from the landscaped terrace, plateaus, parking lots, or a carefully designed functional exterior objects. In the true sense of the building consists of the whole site or Urban parcel in the full sense of the meaning.

When describing the impression that the object leaves on the viewer, probably there would have been as much different impressions as observers.

It would not be anything strange that does not occur with the new facility observation, the new impressions, even in the case of the author of this text.


Arch. Kosto Vukalović,

“KOV-STUDIO” Ltd. Niksic