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15 May

Montenegro the land of wine – interesting facts

Who was the first toplant grapevine in Montenegro? Ancient Greeks, Romans, Slavs, or maybe those who were here from the beginning and who become friendly with our Slavic ancestors?

We might never know that, but maybe that´s not so important after all, because grapevine has grown here for thousands of year and it produced wine that tells a tale about it´s home contry: „This is Montenegro. The land of wine!“

Unique Montenegrin region, situated between Adriatic Sea, Skadar lake and mounthains in the hinterland, which creates the conditions for the birth of gorgeous, authentic wine special character. For that wine are saying “all your carry”- “Omnia mea mecum porto”.

1.800 years ago, Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus wrote down: „Wine from around the Skadar lake doesn´t allow you to grow old, it extends life, heals wounds on the body and in the heart!“

Amphoras in which wine was transported from Montenegro were found on sunken ships on the bottom of the Boka Kotorska Bay in 2009., and these ships dated back from the period os 1st-3rd centry.

A new age for Montenegrian wine started from from the 19th centry when Montenegrin King Nikola Petrovic gave his support to expansion of grapevine through a decree: „That every soldier from the place where grapevine can grow shall plant two hundred vines“.

Already in 1907., at the International Wine Expo in London, Montenegrin Vranac wine won the first prize.

Since mid-20th centry, the development of viticulture in Montenegro has been led by the company „13.jul- Plantaže“.

Wines “Plantaže” conceal within themselves the story about the unique climate, about Rocky Vineyard on Ćemovsko field, story abour Blackie.